A comparison between a high school and an elementary school teacher

In the final year of education, students generally spend between one and two semesters student teaching, which involves assisting an experienced teacher in the classroom.

can you teach elementary school with a secondary education degree

School work is more challenging and includes more homework and tests. Hope this helps!

Differences between elementary school and high school

Students sit with their class in the cafeteria at lunch. Patience is the watchword of working at these grade levels. However, it is also a big advantage because it allows teachers to create deep and meaningful relationships with their students. As a secondary educator you will teach rotating groups of middle and high school students throughout the school day. Additionally, secondary teachers help students reach their full academic potential and start thinking about their futures beyond high school. These factors all come together to create a school setting where the highly specialized and motivated teacher can stay intellectually engaged and enjoy a fulfilling career. Be prepared to discuss feelings As middle-schoolers make the jump into the teenage years, many will begin to experience waves of physical and emotional changes that, from time to time, simply overwhelm them. Elementary educators guide developing minds that are just discovering the thrill of learning and the mysteries of the world around them. Teachers who manage to cultivate a true love of learning in their students are one of the greatest gifts they will ever receive.

In middle school, students frequently have different teachers for different subjects. This means that teachers need to have a basic and working knowledge on topics such as English language, reading, math, history, science and government. Independence Obviously high-schoolers are much more independent than elementary-schoolers.

Students change classrooms each hour to go to different classes.

Moving from elementary to middle school teaching

As a secondary educator you will teach rotating groups of middle and high school students throughout the school day. There is no faking it Middle school students are incredibly insightful and occasionally incisive in their observations. Students have one or two teachers that teach every subject, or share subjects. Developmental needs of elementary students Elementary school launches what will hopefully be a decades-long academic marathon for your students. That means that history teachers major in history, math teachers major in algebra or trigonometry and science teachers major in biology, physics or chemistry. Students have homework from each class, resulting in more homework. Students enter middle school going to school with older and bigger students. For example, finding a shared hobby or interest with the student will likely make them come out of their shell.

Elementary school in the US often refers to grades Kindergarten through 5th grade Although some areas include 6th grade as elementary. This importance is a strong student motivator, and some teachers like to have their students driven by factors outside the classroom that give them personal reasons to focus on the subject matter.

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Where to Teach: Elementary, Middle or High School?