A critical analysis of the decembrist revolt of 1825

In November , Count Nikolai Rumyantsev [14] in a memorandum to Alexander suggested the gradual abolition of serfdom, following it soon after with a carefully detailed project. And nope, we don't source our examples from our editing service! In other words, it required the abolition of the autocracy. Two groups, however, continued to function secretly: a Southern Society, based at Tulchin , a small garrison town in Ukraine , in which Pestel was the outstanding figure, and a Northern Society, based at St Petersburg, led by Guard officers Nikita Muraviev , Prince S. When the general confusion concerning the succession began, and the army, having taken the oath to Constantine, was requested to take it again to Nicholas, the Decembrists decided to take up arms without delay. That will enable us to better understand the revolutionary character of the Decembrist movement, which had short-, medium-, and long-term repercussions in Russian history that are still being discussed by historians and scholars. The Southern Society, and a nationalistic group called the United Slavs, discussed revolt. Developments between and hastened the disintegration of Old Russia, brought the Russian Empire into the family of Western nations, and revealed more clearly the striking political, social, and economic contrasts between Western Europe and backward Russia. They chose 14 December as the day for the revolt. The rebelling army was soon confronted by superior forces who were heavily armed with artillery loaded with grapeshot.

The battle of Borodino caused considerable losses for both sides. They Russified their dress and behavior.

A critical analysis of the decembrist revolt of 1825

These faithful veterans would support the uprising, and a great number of them did participate in the Southern revolution of Although the Decembrists lived in isolation, their scholarly activities encompassed Siberia at large, including its culture, economy, administration, population, geography, botany, and ecology.

More liberal Mikhail Muravyov-Vilensky created a new charter similar to that of Tugendbund and without any revolutionary plans of the society called now the Union of Prosperity though still illegal similar to masonic lodges.

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Pavel Pestel, who was to play the leading role in the Decembrist revolt, was one of the new members. It became apparent quickly that the reform of the administration and the mass of people would be very difficult. He seemed the ideal monarch to advance Russia into the modern world, liberalize the government, and eliminate serfdom. It called for a republican form of government open to most citizens and the abolition of serfdom with land, but it also featured the retention of the government supervision of economic life and forced Russification of nationalities. This generation of young men was well educated in European history, thought, and languages and had absorbed a Western mentality from a young age. The efforts of the Decembrists were not enough for the emancipation of serfs. Speransky became the target of harsh criticism and was accused of imposing upon autocratic and Orthodox Russia a set of foreign laws developed under different social, economic, and political conditions. The document known as the Holy Alliance was signed in Paris on 26 September According to the official figures, more than 1, conspirators were killed along with civilians. Despite his revolutionary ideas, Pestel perceived the Green Book as a means to demonstrate the innocence of the organization in the case of an attempt by the monarchy to detain its members.

He became more and more irritable, tired, and suspicious of people; more dissatisfied with life; and more frantically in search of a religious or mystical answer. Messages were scrupulously reviewed by both officials in Siberia and the Third Division of the political intelligence service at St.

Therefore, a crack in the Northern Society had the potential to nullify all the efforts towards revolutionary action.

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Few Russians inhabited these places: the populations consisted mainly of Siberian aborigines, Tunguses, Yakuts, Tartars, Ostiaks, Mongols, and Buriats. These sources produced unfavorable conditions for the development of the skilled industrial proletariat that is a requisite for any industrial society.

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Liberalism was encouraged on an official level, creating high expectations during the period of rapprochement between Napoleon and Alexander.

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The Decembrist Revolt