A history of the reconstruction

Pursuing a policy of "malice toward none" announced in his second inaugural address, [36] Lincoln asked voters only to support the Union.

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Overview[ edit ] As Confederate states came back under control of the U. Rainey was the Republican representative from South Carolina.

Military reconstruction

The name was originally a reference to low-grade farm animals. Douglas, who escaped slavery himself, was famous before and during the Civil war as an orator and writer fighting for abolition. Carpetbaggers Some northerners moved to the South during the Reconstruction to try and make money off of the rebuilding. But the economic program spawned corruption and rising taxes, alienating increasing numbers of white voters. The withdrawal of Union troops in brought renewed attempts to strip African-Americans of their newly acquired rights. These laws caused a lot of conflict between the North and the South as they tried to reunite after the Civil War. Nonetheless, the political revolution of Reconstruction spawned increasingly violent opposition from white Southerners. Thaddeus Stevens vehemently opposed President Johnson's plans for an abrupt end to Reconstruction, insisting that Reconstruction must "revolutionize Southern institutions, habits, and manners

His autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, detailed his life as a slave and is still read today. They created new state constitutions to set new directions for southern states.

They held positions that formerly belonged to Southern Democrats.

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When Andrew Johnson became president, he was from the South and wanted to be even more lenient to the Confederate States than Lincoln. He removed the federal troops from the South and the state governments took over. He said that any southerner who took an oath to the Union would be given a pardon.

Sumner argued that secession had destroyed statehood but the Constitution still extended its authority and its protection over individuals, as in existing U. Suffrage for former Confederates was one of two main concerns.

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They splintered as a political movement within the Republican party once Reconstruction ended in The Reconstruction Act of divided the South into five military districts ran by the army. In the administration launched a legal and military offensive that destroyed the Klan.

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