A statistical analysis for the sales effect of comparative advertising

Krugman, Herbert E. Macklin, M.

Comparative marketing

Comparison advertisements will be more effective than non-comparison advertisements for some products but not for others. Jacoby, Jacob, Margaret C. Gaski, John F. Burmah-Castrol, Inc. It would seem, therefore, that comparison advertising would be more beneficial for shopping goods than convenience products in which shopping is much more routine. This is a myth. Ellen, Pam S. In other words, the checklist omitted those characteristics that put Tylenol at a disadvantage. Lass, Norman J. Lee, Yih H. NTC Publication. Lane, Vicki R. Jerry Olson ed. Here are a few implementation examples.

Corfman, Kim P. New York: W. Kover, Arthur J. Goldberg, G. Comparison ads, however, were found to be more effective in the case of shopping goods. Utkus eds. Evanschitzky, Heiner, C. Fernandez, Karen V. Gigerenzer, GerdCalculated Risks: How to know when numbers deceive you.

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