A womans journey into insanity

Wives became vulnerable due to this and their lives were totally controlled by their husbands. In those times the classification of a mental illness for a woman was madness.

the yellow wallpaper and the new woman

The woman is not allowed to read, write or to see her newborn baby. Marriage simply equaled a gentle kind of slavery. This story first appeared in The New England Magazine in January and became a classic in the realm of gothic literature. These characters lose touch with the real world and slowly begin to exhibit madness.

We'll take a look right away. He is not happy about living in the country and he lets her know about it: "He said he came here solely on my account" Gilman Actions You are viewing excerpt from this paper.

These are not signs of a husband who truly cares for the well being of his wife. At first glance, these stories do not seem to have much in common; they have been written through opposite perspectives, one neglects to be chronological Yevgeniy Pastukhov Semchenkov.

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A Woman's Journey into Insanity