An analysis of the poem the odyssey by homer

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You too have come so far and have been so far blown back. Once Telemachus reaches Pylos, he meets the king Nestor, who explains that he and Odysseus parted ways shortly after the end of the war. Indeed, there is evidence that the final section of the poem was added much later than the previous books.

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The following day, he also reveals himself to his elderly father Laertes, who has been living in seclusion due to grief. Painted by Domenico Beccafumi circa On the shore of Ithaca, Odysseus finds the goddess Athena, who is disguised as a young shepherd.

He tells the following story: After a disastrous first venture in the land of the Cycones the only population in The Odyssey that is also mentioned in historical sourcesOdysseus and his companions found themselves in the land of the Lotus-eaters, who attemped to give them food that would have made them lose the will to get home.

By this point, Homer has brought us up to date, and the remainder of the story is told straightforwardly in chronological order. This is appropriate, however, as Homer was elaborating on a story which would have been very familiar to his listeners, and there was little likelihood of his audience being confused, despite the numerous sub-plots.

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The Odyssey at a Glance