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Almost everything he needs survived the sandstorm.

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So basically, it's nothing. Watney is scared, terrified, but humour is his defence mechanism, and I found myself laughing out loud at the most inappropriate stuff.

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But then an airlock to the Hab breaks, and Watney is thrown from the structure. On the way to the MAV, their ascent vehicle, Watney is struck by flying debris and his suit is breached.

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Chances are, though, he won't have time to starve to death. The Ares 3 crew attempts to maintain morale for the many-months-long trip back to Earth, while NASA does what it can to control fallout, on Earth, from the supposed death of Watney on the Red Planet. Although he is physically unhurt, much of his store of potatoes is damaged, as is his ability to grow future crops. But Mark isn't ready to give up yet. Watney resumes modifying the rover because the new rescue plan requires him to lift off from Mars in the Ares 4 MAV. While going through the personal items of his crew members, Watney finds that his only entertainment is a trove of media files from the s, stored on Commander Lewis's hard drive. Sidenote: he's also very much awesome But he has no way to contact anyone to let them know he is alive. Although The Martian is epic science-fiction, this is not a tale of aliens or close encounters with the third kind. But NASA rushes the launch, owing to the vast distance between Earth and Mars, and the rocket explodes soon after take-off.

NASA tries to figure out an effective rescue plan, first believing they can send interim food supplies to Watney, then pick him up at the projected Ares 4 site called Schiaparelli crater with a new crew, several years in the future. He reaches the crater, and the Ares 4 MAV—the rocket that will launch him into space, where he can make a short "hop" over to the returned Hermes spacecraft.

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During the evacuation, Watney is struck by flying debris and disappears into the storm with a torn suit, his personal transponder is transmitting that there are no signs of life, and the crew have no choice but to leave him for dead so that they can survive.

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