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This book is very easy to read because of how well organized everything on it seems to be. Religious reform made conflicts between the monarchy and nobility worse.

This makes it good for intensive study periods and quick cramming sessions a few days before the exam. Prices of goods increased more than wages, which lowered living standards. The balance of power came into question as religion declined as a cause for war.

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Printing aided the dissemination of new ideas. Global exchanges resulted in a shift toward European dominance. Rituals of public humiliation remained popular to enforce communal norms.

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Prices of goods increased more than wages, which lowered living standards. Conflicts between religious groups overlapped with competition within and among states. What makes it unique: It has one of the most comprehensive review portions without having to become too heavy of a read. African slave trade expanded to support plantation economies in Americas. It is a material that was written based on what the author has experienced regarding the changes in the AP European History exam as well as on his knowledge and research on the topic. It also allows you to have a more focused review on one Key Concept or on one European historical period if you want to completely understand and internalize everything you need to know them. Cities became centers of finance because of innovations in banking. Each chapter has a comprehensive review of the topics that will be covered and they all end with questions that are directly related to what you had just read. Cracking contains a coverage of what will come out in the multiple-choice questions and the short-answer questions of the AP European History exam to help you know the topics that will be covered by each portion of the exam. This review book also helps you develop the necessary critical skills and analytical thinking that you would need for the upcoming AP European History exam. Government authority was affected by competition between monarchs and minority groups. Growth of commerce created new elites Gentry in England, Nobles in France. France, England, and the Netherlands established colonies in North America. Spanish became dominant with colonies in Americas, Caribbean, and Pacific. It can work in conjunction with other review books that have practice exams and sections on strategies for the exam.
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