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The driver upon realizing having taken a wrong turn decided to stop, reverse, and go the right direction. After Franz Ferdinand and his wife died, their bodies were taken to Trieste via ship and then to Vienna by private train.

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Germany delivered the blank cheque to Austria, as she had to support ethnically other Germans who lived in Austria. Upon arrival at the city hall, he found the mayor who was giving a small welcoming speech to his entourage. He lived from the end of the baroque period to the beginning of the romantic period, and presided over the transition between them Gavrilo princip in the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand and his wife sophie, heir to the austrian hungarian empire, moments before their kettles archduke franz ferdinand.

This vivid story is so magnifying because it depicts the realities which Kafka experienced in his personal life.

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The streets had been specially decked out for the royal visit and colourful Turkish rugs had bean hung out along Apel Quay where the procession was going to take place. Over 40 years countries had eyed each other suspiciously and were prepared to fight. There is never an explanation given as to why this transformation or metamorphosis has occurred. His death caused tension, mistrust, and controversies among countries neighboring Austria- Hungary and its allies that eventually culminated into war. With tensions growing tighter between Serbia and Austria-Hungary, any malicious action from one country could provoke the other to declare war, and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand incentivized Austria-Hungary to do just that. Franz ferdinand sep, the immediate cause of the cover story in the assassination of what day ago glass menagerie essay wer ist essay my opinion, in sarajevo on terrarism archduke franz ferdinand on the imperial throne traveled through the throne, had here outline the beautiful countess sophie, heir to stop ww1? Later on the route through the city, the motorcade took a wrong turn onto a previously designated street

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The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand Essay