Community health and population focused nursing

The sugar cane economy thrived until the late s when Denmark stopped slave trade.

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There are quite a few mentally ill patients and they are not well accepted in the community. There are also grocery stores and convenience stores.

Community health and population focused nursing

Family is very important, and there are many large families that have multiple generations living in the islands. They provide crisis shelters in acute situations, as well as ongoing counseling. This, for a population of , people St. As a result of a disaster there are many communicable diseases that would be anticipated. Although the waters around the Virgin Islands are clear and blue, water pollution is still present. There is some drug use and abuse of substances in the Islands. The islands possess great natural resources and beauty. Croix, individuals are housed in the Emergency Department until they are stable or transferred to an inpatient facility off islands. VI Now. The woman working the day I went in was a retired nurse and she said their current goal was hurricane preparation as it is now hurricane season. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ACA , otherwise known as Obamacare, was signed into law on March 23, , in efforts to abate healthcare costs and provide health insurance to all United States citizens and legal residents. This makes them very wary of outsiders and change.

Some of the objectives of Healthy People include reducing both the rates and transmission of HIV among adolescents, adults and pregnant women. There are no hospitals in …show more content… One difference that I found out was that the Hispanic and Asian community tend to live in households with 3 to 4 generations in a family dwelling while most Caucasian households have more of an independent mindset into being on their own once they reach adulthood.

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The construction is almost all done out of concrete, and this is due to the high risk of hurricanes. There are many similarities between all the islands and the windshield survey findings are thus reliable for the entire Virgin Islands. The beauty of having a treasury of nursing theories is that where one theory may be applicable for one situation, another may be more appropriate and compatible for another. Croix, St. Also, recruitment tends to be a challenge as the cost of living in the Virgin Islands is high but the salaries for medical personnel tend to be low. Very few natives ever discuss their desires for end-of-life care. Another major environmental issue that effects both the physical and emotional well- being of the population is the high crime rate. I noted two public parks, both that were in use. There are also a small percentage people of Asian, Arab, and Indian descent. This was an interesting inventory as it could be done personally and really made me take into consideration my surroundings. This can be achieved through another of their objectives which is to increase the number of adolescents, adults, men who have sex with men, and pregnant women who are tested for HIV. This tool was used to get a clear understanding of the population of the Virgin Islands. This obesity coupled with the genetic propensity for diabetes and heart disease are a recipe for disaster. Virgin Islands Bureau of Economic Research.

Kelleher, The Virgin Islands are very small in size and much of the island is a sea level, making them at risk for floods.

There are many religions represented and just as many churches. Croix and one in St.

community health and population focused nursing c229

The only notes are that St. The barriers that exist to preparedness are lack of money and resources to purchase the items needed. The animals in the areas that cause potential health hazard are sea creatures such as jellyfish and urchins and stinging insects such as centipedes, wasps, spiders, and mosquitos.

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The majority of the population is female at 0.

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