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Operational feasibility The product will be operating in windows environment. This system Page 9 works only when we have a barcode reader access. Post condition: - It gives an action message.

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To bring the policy in to action, the government has walked a very long journey with success where we live in the time of growth and transformation.

BCR recognize each student BC.

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A sequence diagram shows object interactions arranged in time sequence. Definition business area analysis 2. Description of class diagram Page 43 1. An activity diagram shows the overall flow of control. If a student is completely dismissed, the manager must cancel his information from the Cafeteria database. Readability We have well formatted output when we retrieve information from the database. It supports student who has a database record. The University gives special attentions especially in terms of equipping students with practical experiences and associated skills in addition to enabling them to understand the theoretical parts of their subjects. Conclusion and recommendation Page 3 4. System: - It is a combination of hardware and software that takes an action and calculates the Net salary of the employees. A student barcode number is automatically generating. Even at national and regional level, new program thematic models are emerging, including consortia agreements like the Amhara Universities Forum and other forms of multi lateral collaboration, interdisciplinary research ventures involving teams of faculty and students, and the incorporation of internships and service learning. It represents the general idea behind the user interface, but not the exact details. Operational feasibility The product will be operating in windows environment.

It attempts to give birth to a new efficient system that satisfies the current needs of the user and has scope for future growth within the organizational constraints. For these reasons, it is important to understand not only the explicit guidance set forth in standards of good practice developed by various organizations, but also the spirit of the recommendations, and the broader, underlying principles that cut across program types and particular cultural contexts.

Recommendation To make this computer-based cafeteria system with more interactive and keep rapidity with the technology of the all the cafeteria system.

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And also its sources code is free to access. An essential user interface prototype is effectively the initial state-the beginning point-of the prototype for the system. Data collection methodology 7. Operational feasibility 8. Therefore they can eat again and again. Work break down structure Chapter two 2. It is true that the world of higher education and knowledge development has always been networked American Council on Education A student barcode number is automatically generating. Operator: - operator is a controller who controls to whether a student touches to the BCR to his BC or not and manages the system. There will be the possibility of changing manual to computerize. Generally, the advantage of this system is to give enough information to the user. Student shows his student bar code to the machine or bare code reader. Logon: manager logs on to the system using his user name and current Password.

Post condition:-gives an action that means when one student deisms from the university it cancel from the database. Sequence diagramming 3.

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