Does illiteracy cause violence

While maintaining safety, schools need to implement teaching methods and a curriculum that will help the most disadvantaged pupils. There is war, xenophobia, racism, terrorism, illiteracy, poverty, hunger, I could go on and on. We are aware of this, but do we care?

Impact of illiteracy on poverty

These cultures are so deeply imbued with the concept that men are to be first and honored, regardless of their values or the extent of their abusive treatment of women, that for these same men to consider a woman to be an equal is so deeply threatening that their only recourse, apparently, is to resort to violence. Likewise, literate men living in rural communities, where traditional gender roles are more prevalent, may want to retain their masculine dominance norms. Rural literate women were the most adversely affected with the highest odds of experiencing intimate partner physical violence. Prevalence of intimate partner violence: findings from the WHO multi-country study on women's health and domestic violence. Women living in urban areas, especially the educated, may also have different options. However, putting this aspect aside just for the moment, both groups have at least one thing in common. This is consistent with the Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey , which describes early marriage and lower literacy rate in rural communities To have and to hit: cultural perspectives on wife beating. This may be because literate people are more likely to use available information and new ideas than illiterate people. Allowing this number of children to slip through the net can have a detrimental effect on their behaviour in adolescence and through into adulthood. Thirdly, under-reporting of violence is a potential problem in all research. Improper education, limited access to books, technology, and poor role models all has made literacy spiral downward. Similarly, rural women having literate spouses had higher odds of experiencing physical violence than urban women having literate spouses. The deeper causes, in my opinion, are less about religious concepts and more about acculturation. The relationship between the illiteracy rate and the frequency of violence is not coincidental.

Soc Sci Med. But he denies his fighters are killing children.

effects of illiteracy on health

Sahn DE, Stifel D. Similarly, rural women having literate spouses had higher odds of experiencing physical violence than urban women having literate spouses. Ms Masood said that the misuse of the Hudood Ordinance should be checked and police should be very careful on investigating women cases.

Urban-rural inequality in living standards in Africa. This focus on exam results can leave a significant number of "hopeless" cases left behind.

They called for educating people, raising awareness and proper legislation against the menace.

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Consequences of illiteracy