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Special powder is used that adheres to the oil found on human fingers.

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Storage facility should only be accessible by the lab-sample custodian. Ensured all crime scene released documentation included the time and date of release, and to who it is being release to, by who released.

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An analyst also maintains the chain of custody procedure by filling analytical data sheets. According to Saferstein, R. Chain of Custody and Property Release Form has been developed for tracking physical evidence collected at crime scenes.

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Bloody or other organic items that need to breathe are placed in paper bags. The identification portion contains the date, time and location of the event. Furthermore, XYZ, Inc. Collect evidence that is susceptible to the elements first. Securing the chain of custody ideally, ultimately helps ensure errors do not lead to damaging an ensuing court case Stirewalt, The accent is on the person, non the procedure. Original is kept under lock in the laboratory in project file while another copy is supplied together with reagents and supplied to field. In a laboratory, the chain of custody requires; where the evidence was kept, who had access, and who had possession of the evidence and when to be documented. The dealing between the aggregation of the grounds and its visual aspect in tribunal, should be wholly documented in a sequence in order to defy legal challenges sing the originality of the grounds.

This process helps ensure the evidence can be readily retrieved Stirewalt, He contends, however, that the conviction of an innocent person, resulting from skewed evidence, dishonors the memory of the one murdered.

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Chain of Custody & Preservation of Evidence