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Thinking through the museum will also be at this upcoming conference.

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Step 4. Report your findings. Ideally, you should set the guiding question after doing the research and use the thesis of the paper to answer that question.

The cascadia earthquake occurred along the cascadia subduction zone on january 26 with an estimated moment magnitude of Example: According to Alvarezhumans did not evolve from monkeys, although both animal groups share a similar primate ancestry.

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Present your findings with interpretation in the data analysis part, and summarize your findings briefly in the conclusion. In this section, clearly delineate the parameters of your study.

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The erial project a practical guide to ethnographic research in academic libraries page 1 of 31 so you want to do anthropology in your library. You also need to provide a short overview of the things readers should expect to see in the essay.

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Define your guiding question. The export of antiquities is now heavily controlled by law in almost all countries and by the unesco convention on the means of prohibiting and preventing the illicit import export and transfer of ownership of cultural property but a large and increasing trade in illicit antiquities continues. Conclusion Sum up your cultural research in the conclusion page while focusing on your methodology and learning. Support by giving reference to the conversations you had with the community folks and their response. Restate the main points of your study. What is an i search paper. All product names, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Bridging the chasm between sociology and anthropology, it is the leading network for dialogical exchanges between monadic ethnographers and those from all di Be selective with your material by only including relevant information to prevent your paper from becoming trivial or floating off-topic.
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How to Write an Ethnography?