Filling station business plan in nigeria the outside wife

Mr Dayo Adetiloye — B. When BP PLC came to Ghana in and was looking for a trading company they could partner with, the British multinational partnered with Springfield — a partnership that still exists today.

You will be riding on the back of your chosen Major Marketer and inherit their customer base within where your business is located, and as they keep marketing their brand, you keep making business off the popularity. They have a branch in almost every corner and they make use of tall signs showcasing their familiar brand logo.

petrol filling station business plan

In my own opinion, it seems the advantages of being a Franchisee of a major marketer is more than the disadvantages Advantages 1. Attendants You will need 2 petrol attendants for each pump, they would be shifting between them, one person at a time.

How to manage a filling station in nigeria

Westland Alliance and its subsidiaries eventually diversified into cell towers and value-added services VAS for mobile phone companies. You will also miss out from gaining higher profit margin per litre of petroleum products you lift because the prices of products from The Major Marketers are higher. He also had a stint at Sprint where he worked in the customer service department. Therefore, you must find a way to afford it. To offer high-quality services at reasonable prices. Further to being oil producing nation, Nigeria is also one of the biggest consumer of oil products in Africa with about 40 million litres said to be consumed everyday. Manager He is the superior in charge of the overall function of the petrol filling station and must be experienced with the running oil business. Availability of space, operations management, and skilled employees. The type of building or structure he may desire iii. Canopy over you Pumps The shade constructed over petrol station pumps is called Canopy, it protects the pumps and the petrol attendants against the sun and the rain. To provide comfort and economic value to our customers and partners. Notice that all these brands are international gasoline brands. The benefits of our products and services are The provision of quality products and services in a clean, well-maintained environment. LAND Two plots measurement of land is the minimum property requirement to build your petrol filling station. You will be regulated by them, including the prices, and the products you sell.

To achieve net profit in year one, increasing in year two, by containing costs and meeting sales goals. Darlington OmehOil and Gas 70 Comments Nigeria is one of the biggest oil producing nation in the world with a very huge crude oil deposits around the entire South South, South East, and South West region of the country, both tapped and untapped.

Availability of space, operations management, and skilled employees. If you go for 30, litres underground tank and you intend to be lifting full tanker of 30, litres, then you will have to always wait until the last drop of fuel in that tank is sold before going for another turn.

Talk to as many oil company representatives as you can.

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