Fish pond business plan in nigeria things

fish pond farming

Legal status and ownership 8 e. We intend to start another cycle immediately the adult fishes are sold and start another cycle at the same scale, that is, with fingerlings.

cage fish farming business plan

Tilapia is very easy to cultivate and very popular in Nigerian market, it reproduces very rapidly and grows fast too. Competitors Analysis 10 e.

Location of drainage facility. Thirdly your fish, you really need to be very caution of where you buy your fish from, buy fish from your close people or someone a friend recommend you to that he or she has a good stock, or better still you go to the person farm to see his or her facilities and see thefish you want to buy, because this is where most people get it wrong, they buy a runt fish and they keep feeding, and it wont grow, when you are buying fish, be sure of the person, because most farmer has sweet mouth to sell their product, they will be calling a 10weeks old fish for 5weeks, because it refuse to grow well in their farm, and when you buy from them it won't grow well.

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Because keeping the fresh fish in the pond, will mean additional cost for breeding. He is also the owner of Senm Computer School.

Fish pond business plan in nigeria things

Are you willing to devote the time and effort required? Poor Investment Plan: Several farmers assume that to be a commercial fish farmer one must have several large ponds. Damboa road, Maiduguri, in M. Much unlike poultry farming, fisheries can be established practically anywhere as they do not pose an environmental hazard. Weekly sales are also numerous within the community. The idea for this business plan emanated from the classroom, due to the nature of the course which requires students to understand clearly the importance of entrepreneurship and the various ways to write a business plan. Since the fish business gains more and more popularity in Nigeria, every businessperson tries to improve his product to make more money and sometimes the methods are harmful to the fish and people who eat it. Maybe, you breed the fish types nobody else in your location has. If the land is already available, it is good. What type of oven is recommended from d kilning process? Statement of Asset and Liabilities 26 c. Nothing in this world is free.
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