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Supportive family

I learned that sleeping in airports isn't unheard of and that toilet paper in Europe kind of sucks. They get more layered and interesting and awe-inspiring by the day, but the speed of it all is literally keeping me up at night. I was raised through summers with suitcases shared with my little sister. Breeanne says the advice her parents give her is accurate for this day and age because they are more in tune with the times. Cooking a delicious meals with nesscessary nutritions and vitamin is not too difficult for me. Like I should have given them all my love, no matter what, while they were still awake. I learned what I want to work for and how hard I want to work for it; and that memories are better than shopping sprees. This has always stuck with me and knowing that I can call someone in my family and they will be there is so beyond comforting.

Once she graduated from high school, Margaret realized that she needed to learn a trade to support herself and her son, so she attended school to become a medical assistant. I also have so many people I trust to go to when I need to talk about something mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

My dad is a music minister for our church, and it was our second home.

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I usually stay in their room until both of them are asleep, which has become a very bad habit for all of us. All of these things have shaped me into the person I am today and I can only hope to incorporate this idea of tradition into my future family. I would have missed out on a lot more things, like my senior prom.

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After school she worked part time to earn enough money for such necessities as baby formula. The positives of having a supportive family are limitless.

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What Growing Up Traveling With My Family Taught Me