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Perseverance The Holy Prophetsa said that when people neglected the message of Islam, it was Hazrat Abu Bakrra who remained by his side and gave his life and wealth for the cause of Islam. He RA did not stop thinking about it and became Muslim.

About his life[ change change source ] Rashidun Caliphate during the reign of Abu Bakr. When he related this dream to the people of the book they interpreted it to mean that he would be fortunate enough to accept the Prophet of the age.

In the confrontation at Autas the tribes could not withstand the Muslim onslaught.

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When Abu Bakr took charge of the government, he did not allow the Muslims to observe a period of mourning at the death of their Prophet. The day after Abu Bakr and his party had left for the Hajj, Muhammad received a new revelation: Surah Tawbah, the ninth chapter of the Qur'an. After accepting Islam, Hazrat Abu Bakrra faced many hardships. Abu Bakr advised that the siege might be raised and that God would Himself make arrangements for the fall of the fort. He also joined small military campaigns against the pagans. The call was heard by the Muslim soldiers and they gathered beside Muhammad. If you say, that if you are upon the truth and you will be killed at the hands of others, then you will not truly be free". At the siege of Khyber, Abu Bakr was given the banner, and he led troops to capture the fortress but without success. Abu Bakr was not allowed to promulgate it. By God, Usama is qualified to be your general just as his father was qualified to be a general. They went first to the outhouse of Saqifa, and then to the Great Mosque, to get and to count their votes. The community did so, without serious incident. Muslims continue calling him Abu Bakr al-Siddiq. Shortly before his death, he urged the Muslim community to accept Umar ibn al-Khattab as his successor. In he witnessed the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah.

As Caliph, Abu Bakr brought all of central Arabia under Muslim control and was successful in spreading Islam further through conquest. Abu Bakr, therefore, served two masters in the same campaign — first Abu Obaida and then Amr bin Aas.

Abu Bakr was commissioned by Muhammad to lead the attack against Ta'if. Abu Bakr defeated them and some other tribes who tried to return to their beliefs before Islam.

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