Help desk training presentation

Help desk training presentation

During a presentation, attendees can zoom and pan, chat with the presenter and other attendees, and toggle or lock the toolbar. Presentations and Screen Sharing for IT Training Presentation details can include audio conference number Your support organization does more than just fix problems. If you've just performed a demonstration of a software application or user interface, shared computer control is a good way to verify an attendee's level of understanding. Whatever you do, don't just say 'have a play with Product X' if for whatever reason no training course is available. If you are engaged in more general IT support, make sure the new recruit is aware of the services you are supporting and has access to your Service Catalog. Firstly, it is bad for customers because it's hard for the new start to understand what the problem might be and sometime understand the specialist terms they are using , it's impossible to resolve the Incident first time and often impossible to ask the right questions for 2nd line support. This will also help to test how well they can use your ITSM tool. This information is included in the email invitation you send to attendees. Instead, set measurable goals that will test learning and understanding. This installs the BeyondTrust Customer Client and enables the screen sharing connection. Out of a handful of contracts, the average training time I received was 4 hours a morning usually and included in that was the dull and often pointless company induction video or a presentation by the HR department. The form this takes will vary. A really good idea is to consider role-plays before any customer exposure. Chat Privately or with All Attendees During a presentation, attendees can chat privately with the presenter or chat with everyone attending the IT training session.

As a support function, training can help reduce call volume and improve end-user productivity. The form this takes will vary.

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Chat is also available with other BeyondTrust session types. You can also schedule a presentation for the future and display it on your support portal. Reports include a full chat transcript, session duration and more.

If presentation recording is enabled, reports run on presentations will also include a Flash video of the presentation. Presentation Reports and Videos Keep detailed reports and session video recordings of online presentations BeyondTrust records a detailed session report of every presentation conducted by your reps.

Use Screen Annotations During Presentations Enhance your training sessions with screen annotations Enhance your training sessions with screen annotations that let you draw and write on the remote screen.

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The process to present your screen immediately is very similar to starting a remote support session. Collaborate with Remote Attendees The Attendees section lists all the attendees who have joined your presentation. Just name your presentation and send an email invitation to attendees.

If your support portal includes more than one language, you can configure invitation emails in each language applied to your support portal.

help desk presentation slides

This will also help to test how well they can use your ITSM tool.

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