Hooking up multiple amplifiers

Reinstall the head unit into the mounting chassis and replace the trim bezel.

how to hook up two amps with one rca jack

And even then, it won't make much difference. Again, these wires could be reversed.

how to wire two amps together diagram

Reply Upvote I know this is an old question, but I figured I'd comment for anyone else interested The generally accepted way to connect a SPDT single pole, double throw relay is illustrated below. Certain after-market stereo head units may feature several RCA output connections, located at the rear of the device, specifically design for external amplifiers.

How to hook up 2 amps with 1 power wire

If you do not use a distribution block then you will want to stack your ground wires so that the largest current carrying wire usually from your largest amplifier is on the bottom closest to the ground point and that your smallest current carrying wire is on the top closest to the head of your grounding screw. The most common reason to wire in multiple amps is to have one for your main speakers and a second amplifier for a subwoofer. Audible, but nothing earth-shaking. Some amplifiers will have an RCA pass through circuit which can be used to drive another amplifier in the system. Leave enough slack in the cables to properly connect the RCAs to the head unit. The short answer is that you can use any number or combination of power amps in a car audio setup as long as you wire them in properly. In some cases, internal amp wiring includes preamp pass-through functionality, which allows you to connect multiple amps together. They're less expensive and there's no need for the extra fuses when there is already a fuse holder near the battery that protects the main power wire you'll have to install this fuse holder. In most cases, a single power cable is the most elegant solution. Due to the fact that your power cable needs to handle the current draw from all of your amps at once, it needs to be significantly larger in gauge than called for by the specs of your individual amps. Reply Upvote I know this is an old question, but I figured I'd comment for anyone else interested Since there is only one wire you only need one ring terminal at the battery post and only one fuse holder for the audio system. This can help lower the noise of the system. The price difference between two wire gauges i. In a mirror image of the power distribution block, the individual amps should be connected to the ground distribution block, which in turn should be connected to a good chassis ground.

In most cases, a single power cable is the most elegant solution. That way you can tailor the amount of power and sound of the amp to the range and the type of speaker. Disconnect the antenna cable and main wiring harness from the rear of the head unit.

How to install 2 amps in a car diagram

You could have a solid state high power monster on the woofers and a tube or class A low powered amp on the tweeter. Many self powered studio monitors are built like this internally with a separate amp for each driver. That will effectively isolate the turn-on signal from the head unit from the multiple amps, which will hopefully allow you to avoid any issues with current overload. When the head unit is turned on the remote lead triggers the relay which connects terminals 30 and 87 together, sending a 12 volt signal to all of the electronic components. Many speakers are built for biwiring which means that there are four speaker terminals instead of two. This is called vertical amping rather than biamping. The best way to wire multiple amps to a single power cable is to use a power distribution block. The crossover will have built in line drivers which will increase the voltage of the low level signal. Typically, power cables run from the battery, through the vehicle's firewall, underneath the left or right side interior rocker trim molding and carpet. For amplifiers that do not have fuse protection you should use a fused distribution block. Aftermarket head units provide this but it is recommended that you do not connect more than components directly to it. Installing Multiple Amplifiers There seems to be some confusion when it comes to installing more than one amplifier.

Updated August 19, people found this article helpful Wiring in one amplifier can be complicated enough, especially when you're dealing with a factory car stereo, and the situation just gets more complex when you add multiple amplifiers to the equation.

If you still have the amp manual, it will show how to do this. Place the head unit in a safe area.

how to split rca for multiple amps
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Amplifier Wiring Diagrams: How to Add an Amplifier to Your Car Audio System