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That space is 3-dimensional and defines the ways the user move in it, perceive it and interact with it. Learning is a private experience. The programming task becomes quite complex when specific object behaviors, or tailoring of the motion control or object manipulation interface is required [92, 93].

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They serve to raise the level of student engagement in a classroom, motivate students and promote enthusiasm for learning. This is done by the start method. Secondly, adaptive hypertext was improved towards higher reusability and lower development cost for eTutorials and eWorlds; XML is likely to advance this field further [26]. This is the primary basis for developing application-specific VRML nodes to model information stored in a file. Shopping, banking, vacation planning, tax returns, even entire schools are online. Poor reusability and cost benefit ratio prevented commercial success. Using existing standards instead of inventing new, incompatible standards makes it much easier for the Web developer, who can use existing tools to help create VRML content. In the system of e-learning, there are lots of resources such as data, file information, programs, tutoring software and seminars. The educational cloud computing can focus the power of thousands of computers on one problem, allowing researchers search and find models and make discoveries faster than ever. This implies that the user of a VR system is immersed in a computer-generated environment also referred to as a virtual environment where the user is allowed to interact with the environment or objects therein. Such as the negativity that technology of communication composed and the effect on students with the new educational methods. A large part of the growth in e-learning activities has been as result of the phenomenal growth of the Internet. Today, there is a growing demand of students who are determined to pursue their education without having to go to school. These prototypes, which are similar conceptually to classes in an object oriented language, can then be used from within any VRML environment. E-learning will become a trend in the future.

Through transduction and changes in size, users can perceive even what in the real world has no physical form. Callback records the position of the click and sends these co-ordinates back to the VRML files where a new sphere appears.

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Learning in person helped me to seek help if I was confused, ask questions, and receive a response immediately. Many people prefer to study at home; the e-learning program allows students to study themselves anywhere in the country to obtain a tertiary education and get an online degree.

In a VE, users can change their size to gain a better point of view on the explored subject.

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It is believed that VR attains its power by captivating the user's attention to induce a sense of immersion.

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