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In theory of the law as a minimum of morality there is no place for ethical 8 Compare liberal considerations about the right of woman to terminate a pregnancy: DWORKIN, R.

Every person wants a spouse who is loving, trustworthy and responsible, a person with whom one can share with both the good times and sorrows This essay is an attempt to cast some light on what the relationship is and ought to be between law and morality.

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Morality itself rest in the individual, and as such is interpreted in various ways; when put together it is only natural that the definition of morality as a whole is simplified and thus individual interpreting is compromise and also, a consensus is reached. Herbert Hart6 underlines that there are many personal moralities in society and socially controversial cases as abortion or homosexual acts. Famously, John Stuart Mill has argued against the legal enforcement through coercion of moral values unless this was necessary to prevent harm or more generally for the protection of vulnerable populations in society, such as children and individuals who are mentally incapacitated. In other words, the common good must be determined based on the purposes for which the community exists. Abortion is accepted as one of the most debatable issue in bioethics. But what to do in the homogenous society where the compromise is based on the decision made by20 the majority which is morally or religiously conservative? But the law is a set of norms about how we are supposed to live, and it is my contention that morality is the ultimate norm for that, and so the law can neither be above morality nor separate from it. When it comes to matters of justice, neutrality will become void in that people cannot hold true neutral principle unless there is an absence of gain, and a state is not necessary except in matters of mediation and controlling of a situation Similar process appear in Europe e.

If we do not want to come back to the wild, barbarian state of nature…Where all liberty and force are waiting for us one more, again. Constitution, in giving the purpose of that document, and therefore of the government legislation, administration, and judicial system it establishes, says: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Law morality paper essay

Let us follow one of the greatest philosophers. Because people often do want what is best or right for reasons other than just because they want it, the Golden Rule will often work to yield the right act even though it is because of a lucky accident or coincidence. In the contemporary states and societies of the Western civilisation the law often is a result of compromise created in public and social debate so the lack of perfectionist rules in the law seems to be natural or normal although the law often begins to be noncoherent axiological system. The minimum of morality includes only fundamental rules of human behavior and moral principles which make the peaceful cooperation in society possible. According to Kant, morality is a function of reason, based on our consciousness of necessary and universal laws The above brings to light that morality is not only relevant to the content of specific laws but it is also relevant to the proper way to make law and to take into account differences of conscience by reasonable people. In the driving case, for example, even if you knew it would be far safer for everyone to drive on the other side of the road, and even if you worked diligently to change the side of the road your country required drivers to use, it would be madness, and morally wrong because it endangered people unjustifiably , for you to simply begin to drive on the opposite side on your own. I will explain both of these ideas.

His emphasis on the moral life and reason is his overall philosophy on life. These are the following kinds: penal enforcement of sexual morality, nonpenal enforcement of sexual morality, nonpenal enforcement of nonsexual morality, penal enforcement of nonsexual morality.

Devlin believes that we may not need common religion but need common morality and also that society should be prevented from harm.

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Aside from sexual discrimination, there are many other unethical issues that can occur within businesses. Should not we respect this decision? Hacker, P. Abhishek Raj gives definition to these two notions as follows.

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The problem is that it is inevitable to say that there is a huge conflict between law and morality and this conflict shows itself on some specific examples. Gray Ed.

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Law And Morality Essay