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Just as we should not associate his name with the story of St. Why do dinosaurs have such large and worryingly sensual thighs when you draw them without wrinkles?

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Appalling things can happen to children. If the ability to produce and understand language is what separates humans from animals, then language is what makes humans humans.

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If I'd gone into a publisher's office three years ago and told them that I was a children's writer who had a great idea for a novel about a teenage boy with a disability, living in Swindon with his dad who was a plumber This is also why, when Siobhan is telling him how to write a book, Christopher wants to include photographs, and finds it odd to include only "descriptions of things": Siobhan said that when you are writing a book you have to include some descriptions of things.

He does not understand what different facial expressions are. And these, I think, are the aspects of the book that appeal most to younger readers. Over that time, I've received a steady trickle of letters. So he decided to go out and check on his neighbor Mrs.

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If you struggle to understand quantum mechanics, you have a "learning difficulty. MH: Point taken.

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Which puts at least part of the problem in a nutshell. A protagonist in search of the 'truth', yet with no insight into himself. Most of the adults in the book seem unable to speak without a fairly frequent "fuck". And making that transition, from writing for children to writing for adults, is like crossing Death Valley in a Bacofoil jumpsuit. Their futures depended on the single question of who they would marry. Q: Which are your favourite flavoured crisps, and why? So I'm equally glad that I kept going back to the coalface and trying to do better next time.

I confess I am also hugely influenced by novels which don't work.

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