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Courtney Reagan just did her report for us. What can we expect to happen and who is going to bear the brunt of whatever reductions in carbon emissions might be called for coming out of these talks?

Along with an update to the graphics and presentation, the theme was updated on November 18, and was used until January 1, He owns 80 percent of the holding company, which owns NBR viewers have become very familiar with Sue as she has filled in as host of the show many times in the past 18 months.

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Steve Liesman reports on the big week ahead for the economy. You know, the government does basic research. Information presented on Nightly Business Report is not and should not be considered as investment advice.

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In , for extended coverage of China's emergence as an international economic power, and in the website was honored with a Best In Class award from the International Media Council. There were questions about whether leaders would be in somber mood, in distracted mood after those devastating terrorist attacks on the 13th of November that left people in the city of Paris dead. Several additional members of the editorial staff were also fired. I am proud of her and I am eager to see her next journalism endeavor. A number of public television stations supplemented the program's newsgathering efforts by serving as "bureaus" for the program. Plus, consumers no longer need to wait to get back to work for high-speed Internet connection. John Harwood in Washington. A new theme, logo, and set for the show's Miami headquarters debuted on January 4, What does the future of retail look like? The data that was breached contains names, e-mails, passwords, and also included information on kids including birth dates.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell 78 points to close at 17, By the end of this week, which teems with Fed speeches and critical economic data, we should have a very solid idea about whether the Central Bank will hike rates later this month. A record number of consumers began their holiday shopping before November 10th.

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Prior to co-anchoring Nightly Business Report, he was host and managing editor of the nationally syndicated financial television program First Business. Sara Eisen explains what that means and why it is such an important step.

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Our editorial team has been covering business, finance, the economy, the markets for a long time. Information reaches consumers at a light speed now, and everyone expects it. Our program steps back, at the end of the day, and tries to put market action into a broader context. As a result, anchor Tom Hudson and many other correspondents were laid off, and the show's Miami studios were shut down as well. How many more malls do we have than we need? High prices and low inventory kept potential home buyers on the fence last month. All righty. Shoppertrak says consumers spent about a billion less in brick and mortar stores this Black Friday than just a year ago. The Chicago PMI barometer dropped into contraction territory for the sixth time this year.

We reconvene at 3 p. We are all CNBC employees, but we have a dedicated small team that works solely on our show.

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How "Nightly Business Report" has changed under CNBC