On becoming a leader

The leader does right. He simplified the process of self-awareness by explaining that leaders have to ask questions that create an understanding of themselves p. Bennis states that the most important lesson of leadership is learning to trust the inner voice p.

I thought his statements regarding freeing oneself from past mistakes by using Socratic inquiry were powerful. Forging the Future Leaders do much more than lead others.

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Reflection should be a ritual in the life of a leader and a tool that one uses to gain understanding and knowledge. Integrity - Leaders remain committed to their vision and are always true to their word.

Reflection should not be something that a leader does on vacation or when a huge crisis has happened.

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I was particularly interested in his insight on reflection because it seems that few leaders have time to luxuriate in quiet time for reflection. Moving through the Chaos The true test of a leader is knowing how to lead when everything is falling apart.

Bennis suggests that reflection is a tool that allows us to move past our mistakes and become free to take future risks without feeling an urge to prove ourselves p.

On becoming a leader

Published on: Aug 4, More from Inc. Leading in chaotic situations requires a leader that is willing to accept change as inevitable.

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On Becoming a Leader by Warren G. Bennis