Parents to blame for obesity essay

childhood obesity and parents influence

Parents are role models and they can help prevent their children from being obese. However, with many of the foods on fast food menus this is not far from the truth.

Childhood obesity and parent responsibility

The childhood obesity rates have been increasing really rapidly; it is becoming hard to control the booming rates, mostly everywhere you go you see an obese child. Parents set the example for their children throughout their life. Obesity is linked to , deaths annually in the industrial world Flamholz, Parents have the opportunity to change the weight of the next generation. Essay - Who is to Blame for Childhood Obesity. Childhood obesity has recently become a major problem not only in the Unites States, but all around the world. Works Cited Barboza, David. Essay Topic: Childhood , Obesity Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! How fascinating would it have been to be there to see it. Obesity is a stipulation in which anomalous or excessive fat buildup in adipose tissue that damages health. We have all heard the statement that childhood obesity is on the rise, and has been for quite some time now. A person must practice good habits before doing so though. The job of a parent is to teach a child wrong from right, including their eating habits, physical activity, and their overall self-control.

Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Obesity Essay Who is to Blame for Child Obesity As the obesity rate in America is increasing, people are pointing fingers at the fast-food industry.

Essay - Who is to Blame for Childhood Obesity. Kids and teenagers are only at school for one, maybe two meals out of the day.

Parents are the cause of childhood obesity essay

Get Essay Parents are at fault for childhood obesity. Where the television is the babysitter, and staying indoors to play video games is preferred to playing outside. Children who are obese spend much of their time watching TV, using the computer, or playing video games. If parents would only pay more attention to labels on foods, there would be no issue. A child would sit there all day if they were allowed- and some are. They are the ones who teach their children eating and exercising habits, they are the ones who let their young consume unhealthy foods, they are the ones who allow their children to watch television and play on the computer for hours on end; obviously, it is the parents fault for obesity in youth. At home, at school, even in the back pocket of their pants. A public health group in California has asked the governor to declare childhood obesity a state of emergency. There are several theories to try to explain or to just shift the blame for the problem. They know that fast food is not a good choice. It is their fault that their kids have terrible eating and exercising habits, eat unhealthy foods, and watch TV or play video games on the computer for hours.

Contrarily, teens whose parents eat fast food or drink soda are more likely to do the same. Children who suffer from childhood obesity are more likely to lack physical education, be bullied, and have other major health issues that correlate with their weight.

parents and obese child

Today obesity amongst children has increased dramatically.

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Are Parents to Blame for Childhood Obesity? Essay