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This puts huge pressure on the land Kenya faces several environmental problems such as soil erosion, deforestation, water pollution and air pollution. Health care has been continuously improving in Kenya, with the government putting special efforts to develop clinics and hospitals all over the country, with many treatments provided free of cost English and Swahili are the main languages of Kenya, along with over 40 tribal languages Kenya has made significant advancement in the technology sector, especially in the IT sector Kenya has incorporated e-government services in the country in collaboration with India.

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This has led to many poor Kenyans being jailed due to insufficient legal protection. Thermal electricity plant is located in the capital city of Nairobi. KenGen is the state owned power generating company which is taking advances to increase its geo-thermal power reserves.

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The life expectancy in Kenya is just about 54 years. Key Industry Sectors The main industry secors in Kenya consist of mining, horticulture, tourism, developing, electricity and it. The airline demands various initiative from the government for carrying on its sustainable business.

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Trade Limitations - The prior restrictions by the prior Kenyan Governments to promote the Africanization of Trade has been removed. Kenya is one of the most liked tourist places in Africa. It really is spoken not only by the elite but people with a formal education. Factor Conditions. The airline demands various initiative from the government for carrying on its sustainable business. The legal facilities are not free of cost in Kenya which results in jailing of a lot of Kenyan poor innocents due to lack of legal defense. Kenya has the advantage of increasing its economy by mining and quarrying sectors. Lots of beautiful beaches and resorts have improved in that area because of this. Economic reforms used up to now are the following Various Economic Stimulus Programs ESP to invest in different assignments in the united states has been initiated. According to the paleontologists, Kenya was first inhabited by people about 2 million years ago. Men usually control the property and money.
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PESTEL/PESTLE Analysis of Kenya