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You can also use a Dremel or other small sanding tool to smooth down the edges. The problem is that oil often seeps into the cardboard.

Prescription Drugs Most people simply throw away or flush old prescriptions.

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Every metric ton of waste glass recycled into new items saves kilograms of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. The tapes are taken apart and shredded and then turned into all kinds of useful things, like product packaging.

If you do, pat yourself on the back!

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The container and fiberglass industries collectively purchase 3. This author had her own epiphany about recycling rules while researching this particular article: Not all glass is created equal. Over a ton of natural resources are saved for every ton of glass recycled. But people out there are trying.

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Take advantage of community drug take-back programs that allow the public to bring unused drugs to a central location for proper disposal. Contaminated loads could be sent to the landfill instead. While curbside collection of glass recyclables can generate high participation and large amounts of recyclables, drop-off and commercial collection programs tend to yield higher quality recovered container glass. The Christmas Light Recycling Program is open year round. In an experiment this year, the group affixed electronic trackers inside Starbucks cups, put the cups in recycling bins in Denver, then traced them to a landfill. Environmental Protection Agency, fewer than 20 percent of cell phones are recycled each year. Bras Check out the Bra Recyclers website to learn more about the Bosom Buddies Program in which donated bras of all shapes and sizes are given to local shelters or redistributed to women in developing nations.

We can reduce landfill waste by a significant amount if we recycle more of these wrappers.

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How to Recycle Glass