Reflection of the doll house

Our group was a little uncoordinated and is part of the reason why our presentation did not work as well as it could have. Our activity could have planned better so that the audience would understand it and then be able to understand our topic.

This is true, we see this since the start of the play where she demonstrates her resourcefulness at how she is able to save money to pay back her debt and make her own dresses with the cheapest material and machinery.

This would help to tie our presentation together and ensure that the audience grasped the idea and message of our presentation topic The first modality we thought of was the music. We chose to create a double-sided worksheet with a blank figure on the front, and a quote activity on the back.

a dolls house

You always find some new way of wheedling money out of me and as soon as you have got it, it seems melt in your hands. You may have assumed that Nora, who was anything but trained to make her way in the world outside, fared badly, perhaps even dying that assumption becomes a running joke of sorts in this play, set 15 years after her departure.

The literary works includes many devices of drama, such as emotive prose and numerous dialogues.

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Reflective Statement