S pen writing a text message

Using this feature, you can draw create cool GIFs to share with your friends. Hover the S Pen over a part of the screen, and Bixby will allow you to scan the area for shopping results and to extract text, find similar images, or scan QR codes. A screenshot is automatically snapped of the page you're on.

You can also press and hold the Air Command icon with the tip of your S Pen until it darkens to move it around the screen if you find that its default location on the screen is awkward. The converted notes from handwriting to text is successfully saved on your device.

You can write directly into an application by choosing the pen option within the document. This year too, company has introduced many new features on the Galaxy Note 5.

Hover over it with the S Pen, and the app will open in full-screen mode, and when you stop hovering, you will see the second app you were in.

samsung note 9 handwriting to text

The handwritten notes will be processed and converted into text.

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How do you access the 'Handwriting to Text'…