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Several OEMs have expressed strong interest in the technology, including one European OEM which will be the first to integrate the 3D surround view system into a future vehicle. From a press release on November 4, Magna International Inc. The e2 includes both a hybridized dual-clutch gearbox and an electric rear axle with torque vectoring that can be activated across different power ranges. The joint venture, Magna Rohinni Automotive, combines Magna's electronics and software expertise with exclusive use of Rohinni's lighting technology in mobility industries. Our product lineup includes passenger cars, utility vehicles which include sport utility vehicles and crossover vehicles , minivans, pick-up trucks, and medium-duty trucks. The joint venture and production facility would allow both Magna and BHAP to further expand their presence in China, specifically Beijing, while attracting new customers and strengthening relationships with current ones. D-Optic lighting represents the next generation of LED headlamps by combining multiple high-power LEDs with precise, injection-molded lenses to achieve high performance and efficient energy use. Products made at the facility include exterior mirrors, prismatic and electrochromic interior mirrors, turn signals and puddle lights. The industrial zone is located in the center of the Huangpu District, Guangzhou. The company offers the freedom to achieve endless design possibilities with various shapes and crisp styling lines, allowing design details as sharp as a mm radius compared to mm for traditional cut-and-sew.

The next steps include manufacturing full-scale prototype door assemblies, performance tests and safety tests to validate the design, with the goal of being available for use in production vehicles by the fall of InMagna posted record revenue of USD Cosma International produces a complete range of body-in-white solutions from small stampings up to fully assembled body-in-white modules, such as those for the Ford Fusion produced at the Hermosillo plant.

From Michigan Economic Development Corp.

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Magna will focus on four key areas of mobility- Autonomy, electrification, smart mobility and light weighting. The Advisory Council is comprised of six members who are recognized leaders in their respective fields, several of whom have significant experience in product innovation and the implementation of new technologies, such as iPod and Nest inventor Tony Fadell and MIT Mobility Professor Ian Hunter.

Samsung annual report 2018 pdf

The division earned the award by supplying Volvo with the electrified rear axle drive system eRAD featured on the Volvo V60 and S60 plug-in hybrid models since Magna's back-up driver assistance systems that create a degree view for the driver are already used in the F-Series. The door-in-white assembly makes extensive use of aluminum, which achieves approximately half of the total mass reduction of the door assembly. Magna's engineering team combined its unique, full-vehicle knowledge on the design, materials and processing to address the challenge of reducing weight using composite materials and manufacturing processes. Varying from solutions currently on the market, the Innoviz LiDAR can be seamlessly integrated into any vehicle and is designed to effectively manage changing light and weather conditions. It can be easily integrated into any vehicle at significantly reduced cost compared to commercially available LiDAR technologies with comparable performance. From a press release on September 20, Magna International announced that it offers automakers unique expertise in delivering recyclable thermoplastic liftgates, which provide up to 25 percent weight savings compared to steel and allow for broader design flexibility. These technologies are designed to offer a driver improved visibility while driving, and wider views while changing lanes or backing or while the car is at full load. The acquisition cost was USD 1. The ES8 seats seven, features a lightweight all-aluminum body and chassis, and comes standard with electric-drive e-drive systems in the front and rear of the vehicle. From multiple sources on March 25, Magna informed that it tests its prototypes and current production vehicles using Magna technologies in a state-of-the-art display of advanced propulsion systems on a frozen test track in northern Sweden - including full-electric, high-voltage and mild-hybrids with volt technology.

In total, Magna is now creating jobs at the ,square-foot facility, where construction for the expansion is under way. These new hires will join the current staff of engineers, who are moving from Magna's previous engineering center located in Kunshan.

Co-developed self-driving systems can be deployed on Lyft's own ridesharing network as well as for the entire automotive industry.

samsung annual report 2017 pdf
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