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In April, the movie Love Simon, which is Singapore report a teenager coming to terms with his sexuality, was given a rating that precludes viewing by anyone under the age of 21, even though it contains no sexual scenes or violence and is rated PG or PG in most other countries. Fill in your details below for more information.

The Board of Film Censors must pre-approve all films and videos shown in Singapore, and exhibiting unapproved films is a criminal offense. Annual Reports. Singapore executed seven people in October. Key International Actors Singapore is a regional hub for international business and maintains good political and economic relations with both the United States, which considers it a key security ally, and China.

This is a spur to attracting great candidates - and helps you retain them as well. Foreign domestic workers are still excluded from the Employment Act and from many key labor protections, such as limits on daily work hours and mandatory days off.

At least two other individuals were executed for drug offenses earlier in the year. The firm is resident in Singapore, and executes trades in Singapore equal or greater than USD8bn in aggregate gross notional per year.

Use of corporal punishment is common in Singapore. The reporting obligation is double-sided — if either counterparty to a trade that is in scope has a reporting obligation, they must report the transaction.

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