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Series A VC Funding Establish Distribution Channels We plan on selling our product exclusively to schools targeting adolescents before selling and expanding to the general public.

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Our unorthodox marketing campaign via eventful. Therefore, its important for 27 schools to understand the benefits of our chips in relation to the chips currently offered. In the manufacturing process, brown, over baked chips will most likely be the bottlenecks. Within the United States, adolescents who find themselves in a low socioeconomic class are more likely to be unhealthy due to a number of factors poor nutrition, lower levels of recreational activity Gearhart. We pledge to create revolutionary snacks that combine two opposites on the health spectrum, nutritious chips with savory tastes. Trade secrets do not have a regulatory process however our rights to keep trade secret private are upheld by the court of law. In order to reach adolescents, we will use social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Create your own business plan 1. If we cannot do this initially, we will be delayed in reaching our markets, and thus will require more time improving and perfecting our chips. Later, our effort will be a further development of more retail outlets in the surrounding area. We will also provide samples of our product at school philanthropy events such as Relay for Life. Following this minor geographic expansion in year two, we will begin to reach out to the top 20 most obese cities, and their public high schools throughout the country, in year three [1]. One major risk would be imitation from competitors.

The companies competing in our industry will continue to introduce more health conscious snack choices as they have been doing for the past five years. Seasoned potatoes moved to drying platform 6. The job of the Food Engineer will be to create the recipe and further create new flavors in the future while adhering to the dietary regulations.

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We want to consumers to understand the nutritional value of our chips therefore we plan to exclusively direct distribute our product to public schools. Primarily, we want to understand, and engage in dialogue with the 55 public schools in the San Diego area as we move on from San Diego, we would take the same approach with the new school districts.

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When marketing our product towards schools, we will send them pamphlets with all the ingredients and health information they find necessary. In today's highly competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate one fast food outlet from another. To ensure freshness, we have strategically positioned our suppliers near the places the chips will be sold. At the end of each video, we will provide a link that directs the viewer to eventful. The main capital concern we may have regarding grocery store distribution is whether or not our outsourced production can handle the necessary capacity. Student approval 5. Our primary assumption is our ability to create our healthy chips that our customers, the high schools, and our end users are willing to purchase and enjoy eating. Additionally, we will be creating agreements with local farmers to supply our product. The last major assumption that we are making, is regarding the overall snack food market. Unlike Frito Lay, we are advertising our healthy snacks through a digital marketing campaign specific to each region. Other responsibilities include contacting potential investors and expense management and forecasting. The number of high school students, based on the total percentage of high school students in the country, is 71, people. The foundation for our companys product offering extends from the current moving trend towards healthy foods and away from the current obesity epidemic. If we cannot do this initially, we will be delayed in reaching our markets, and thus will require more time improving and perfecting our chips. Our company may run into problems keeping our 17 products fresh, which would require that we purchase all of our products locally.

Geographic Location: 19 We plan our business to begin in San Diego, and follow the Trader Joes template for food production and processes. Contact schools, determine willingness to try samples 2. We dont believe this problem would affect time to market.

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The initial sales team will include our core management team but will be expanded once our company grows.

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A Sample Snack Bar Business Plan Template