Swot analysis of brokerage industry in india

And will flourish with the ease of trade. As a result there is a contrast consolidation happening in the industry. The stock markets gained from surge and boom in several industries such as jute stea s and scoal and etc, at different points of time.

Swot analysis of brokerage industry in india

Institutional Structure of the Indian Stock market. Investor base continued to grow from domestic and international markets. The proceeds from rights offerings increased significantly from Rs. A new set of economic and financial sector reforms that began in the early s gave further impetus to the growth of the stock markets in India. Its products can very well be substituted by substitutes offered by competitors. Longer time horizons allow you to take on greater risks with a greater total return potential because some of that risk can be reduced by investing across different market environments. Depreciation 0. This segment will provide adequate returns in the future for a company with scale. Nitin Shahi, senior vice president of Master Trust Ltd.. We provide unmatched convenience by serving individual consumers, small and middle market businesses and large corporations with a full range of investment, asset management and risk mitigation products.

Net profits correlate to the performance of the broader equity market. The only competitive advantage for companies in this sector comes from size and scale which enables them to leverage their size to reduce average costs and thus make a profit on low brokerage margins.

Stock markets became intensely technology and process driven, giving little scope for manual intervention that has been the source of market abuse in the past.

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The one-stop destination is specifically designed for retail customers who require a very strong relationship driven approach towards value investing. The major growth drivers of the Indian retail brokerage industry are the increasing appetite for equities among investors as an asset class, the convenience of online trading, and declining brokerage fees The Indian retail brokerage industry consists of companies that primarily act as agents for the buying and selling of securities e.

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Beginning of a new equity culture A new phase in the Indian stock markets began in the s, with the introduction of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act FERA that led to divestment of foreign equity by the multinational companies, which created a surge in retail investing.

Younger investors who are accumulating savings will want returns that tend to emphasize growth and higher total returns, which primarily are provided by equity shares.

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