Swot analysis of pizza hut in india

So Pizza Hut can introduce a new Pizza with different toppings in order to widen their product range. Fuel price has risen in recent years making inputs expensive.

Household income is increasing and so is the consumer spending. This may attract new customers with new tastes and this may increase their sales.

Analisis swot pizza hut

Pizza Hut has a diversified workforce, with people of many geographical, racial, cultural and educational backgrounds that help the company by bringing in diverse ideas and methodologies of doing things. The Pizza Hut owns and runs about 34, restaurants, provides home delivery services and also has kiosks in more than hundred countries. Diversification in the workforce: The workforce at Pizza Hut is concentrated with mostly local workers, and low amounts of workers from other racial backgrounds. It has a number of unique product offerings that are not provided by competitors. Pizza Hut has a well-established IT system that ensures efficiency in its internal and external operations. Pizza Hut Threats Rising competition undermines Pizza Hut as consumers go for greater convenience; this will lower the amount of sales consumed by Pizza Hut as these sales are going to smaller companies who are charging less. Irwin Homewood, IL. The government has also announced a subsidy on the sale of environmentally friendly goods in this sector. If the company does not take these opportunities, the customers will move away and start eating at other pizza restaurants. Panagiotou, G. People know them because of their Pizzas all over the world. Inflation in the economy is expected to remain low.

Western markets for pizza are more price sensitive, as pizza is staple food. This has lead to high turnover as well as de-motivation of staff. It also faces cash flow problems.

Pizza hut competition

The competition is the greatest threat to Pizza Hut. Related documents. They have pizzas at low prices and very high priced pizzas also. They serve almost every type of pizza in their restaurants. Opportunities Internet users are increasing around the world. Political uncertainties in the country prove to be a barrier in business, hindering performance at times and making the business incur unnecessary costs. It also has a strong asset base. Automation: of various stages of production has allowed the more efficient use of resources and reducing costs. Brands, Inc. Management, 3rd edition. It has a low-cost structure, which provides it with an advantage over the competition. Pizza Hut can try to tap into new underdeveloped pizza markets such as in Brazil and China. E-commerce: There has been a new trend and a growth in sales of the e-commerce industry.

Pickton, D. It has high levels of customer engagement on these platforms with low customer response time.

external environment of pizza hut

Rising cheese costs threaten margins, cheese is essential to the business as it is there primary good, there for they are unable to go with out it, this may lead to Pizza Hut eventually buying goods from abroad or buying cheaper brands.

Tourism: growth in tourism is beneficial for Pizza Hut as it will provide new potential customers that it can target in order to gain market share.

Skilled Labor force: Pizza Hut has invested extensively in the training of its employees that has resulted in it employing a large number of skilled and motivated employees.

pizza hut swot analysis 2019

This allows it to leverage them if need be in the future. To beat the competition, Pizza Hut has to rely on its strengths, overcome the weaknesses and take advantage of the opportunities.

Swot analysis of pizza hut in india

Market products at low prices by offering discounts. Fuel price has risen in recent years making inputs expensive. Pizza hut has a huge market segment, attracting more customers meaning a higher percentage in sales, which may lead to greater profits. This would help increase sales in volumes and is feasible due to low inflation and cost S2, O3. It has a number of unique product offerings that are not provided by competitors. Marketing strategy and competitive positioning. The marketing of the company is another strength of the company. E-commerce: There has been a new trend and a growth in sales of the e-commerce industry. This makes its brand awareness high. Lowering the quality of products pizzas , service to customers, and could lead to a lack of new ideas. This leads to lower work morale and lack of promotion opportunities for employees. This may lead to low customer satisfaction and a reduction in customers and credibility in the market, this may lead to customers converting to main competitors such as dominos pizza.
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The SWOT Analysis of Pizza Hut