The battle of chosin reservoir during the korean war in 1950

The next day, the 5th and 7th Marines attacked from their positions near Yudam-ni, on the west bank of the reservoir, with some success against the PLA forces in the area.

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Faith soon concluded his force could not survive another major attack. Striking the spread out UN troops with overwhelming force, they compelled them to retreat all across the front.

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Pinned down by artillery fire, White got hit by shrapnel in the face and leg and was evacuated to a naval hospital in Japan. Furthermore, the Chinese had created a roadblock at a bridge on the road leading into the perimeter. Without communications, attempting to enter the perimeter would be an extremely hazardous operation.

Many, however, simply kept going over the hill and down the other side, venturing out onto the frozen reservoir and walking towards Hagaru-ri. Once in, Faith surveyed the carnage. To make matters worse, the task force was burdened with wounded, which would make their withdrawal even more difficult.

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Battle of the Chosin Reservoir