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That disconnect starts with an unrealistic yet pervasive stereotype, which is shaped in large part by the official bios of Fortune leaders. When you have the best people in those roles, they then hire the best teams underneath them.

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Here are four ways: 1. Small changes in the number of people in an organization can change a loss into a profit, or vice versa. Our findings challenged many widely held assumptions. Focus on employee engagement. How do you deal with your direct reports? Engaging for impact. In conducting an analysis of in-depth assessments of 17, executives, the authors uncovered a large disconnect between what directors think makes for an ideal CEO and what actually leads to high performance. Fluor CIO Ray Barnard helps his company differentiate its services in an unusually direct way—he participates in the sales process as an account executive sponsor. Is it possible or desirable for a single person to be the sole carrier and manager of that risk? Deciding with speed and conviction. The CEO needs help to determine the right number of resources in every area to execute on the strategy and maintain balance across the organization. The head of HR can provide the data and counsel to make the organization as efficient as possible. In markets where competition for experienced leaders is intense, the most talented executives want to work for companies where they have the opportunity to build leadership capabilities.

With so many technologies commoditized, consumerized and increasingly available as cloud services, the traditional CIO responsibilities of technology selection, procurement and management are becoming less and less relevant. A true HR leader must help market the company in a way that attracts the best talent in the industry.

They are not different people when they stand on the podium, and that they are responsible to the larger good of the society in which the business operates. In this article we will illustrate the concept by further exploring the differences between global and local leadership.

None of this means that CEOs should behave as autocrats or lone wolves.

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An environment that provides the freedom to succeed and accountability for performance can have a tremendous impact on a company, but the price of failure is high, both for the company and for the individual. In parallel, we conducted more than 70 additional interviews with CEOs and board members to test our hypotheses and further understand what it takes to become a successful CEO and how boards really select CEOs.

Drawing on your experience, what is your best advice to someone looking to become an effective global or local leader? A few successful meters is what allows us to eventually reach the finish line. However, when we dug through our data, looking at the ratings our consultants had given candidates when evaluating them on fit for a CEO job and performance on 30 management competencies for example, holding people accountable and the ability to motivate a teamwe found an interesting connection.

CEOs need to have exceptional business judgment to help their teams frame problems accurately, see issues from the relevant perspectives, and ultimately decide on a course of action.

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He advises pausing briefly to consider whether a decision should actually be made lower down in the organization and if delaying it a week or a month would allow important information to emerge without causing irreparable harm.

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4 Things That Set Successful CEOs Apart