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These are in continual flux and revolution. Successful art exploits our natural sentiments by employing appropriate composition and design. How can Hume contend that the play is ruined when so many viewers enjoy it? How does he explain this distinction in ?

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Yanal, Robert J. I cannot, nor is it proper I should, enter into such sentiments; and however I may excuse the poet, on account of the manners in his age, I never can relish the composition. In this case, the perfection of the man, and the perfection of the sense or feeling, are found to be united.

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Hume addresses three assumptions about how aesthetic value is determined. The phrase does not appear in Hume. You must presuppose 5 Shelley, 'Hume's Double Standard', It is important to recognize that Humean imagination is not a free and unrestrained activity. However, the discussion regarding the standard only happens with matters of taste and not of morality. OST, p. Due to the seamless connection Hume posits between moral and aesthetic value, much of his technical discussion of aesthetics appears only as an illustration of his moral theory. In all matters of opinion and science, the case it opposite: The difference among men is there oftener found to lie in generals than in particulars; and to be less in reality than in appearance. A careful reading suggests that Hume neither separates the fine arts from the other arts nor places sympathy at the center of aesthetic response. But a careful reading of the text reveals that nothing is said to deny his earlier support for subjectivism and there are no direct endorsements of realism. Statements attributing dispositional properties to objects are true even if the appropriate conditions are never satisfied e.

Schuster eds. No other authority for evaluating art exists other than taste, for Hume. Both verdicts were made fun of, but on emptying the barrel they found a key with a leather lace OST, pp.

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