The problems and solutions of packaging

Problem solving is part of the job description for designers, and that has led to some true innovation when it comes to functional, flexible packaging.

Packaging problems in logistics

But too often packers have no examples or instructions available of the labeling and carriers are not adequately informed. The biggest problem is the optimization per company, causing the opposite effect throughout the supply chain. Sustainable packaging designers need to realize this, and keep printed instructions for recycling or reuse of packaging as short, clear and simple as possible. For example, changing the structure of the bottle could reduce the brand visibility on the label — a nightmare for brand managers. How can we avoid this problem? This will take more time getting up to speed, but at the same time the operation should go on as smoothly as possible given the small margins in this area. Does this list not include a challenge you are facing? Packaging in the protection of food quality at the same time, resources and the environment also had a certain negative impact, including the consumption of natural resources, packaging production process caused by environmental pollution, packaging waste on environmental pollution and so on.

They managed it though. Unrestricted consumption of forest resources will undermine its growth balance, so that the ecological environment facing soil erosion, desertification, water shortages and a series of ecological problems.

How can we avoid this problem? How sustainable is sustainable packaging? Recently, a operations manager from an FMCG company in the cooking oil space got in touch with us about a similar problem.

Remarkably often comparable issues occur at these companies.

The problems and solutions of packaging

Nevertheless there are solutions for these problems. For example, a stand-up pouch for oil has many upsides like increased branding space due to a bigger label, reduced inventory space, and it can be stacked without causing any deformations. Any arbitrary box, sometimes with some padding, will often be sufficient for him. For example, in packing round surfaces are preferred over square surfaces. The manufacturers, of course, saw a major hit to their bottom line as a result of business stolen by the copycats. Not only to the surrounding environment pollution, but also a threat to human health. The requirement that the Liso founder had was simple — the client wanted to expand their brand across India and was looking for a design that would help them stand out on the shelf at stores. In particular, agricultural products because of its own physical characteristics determine its natural vulnerability in the circulation process, external pressure or vibration during transport will cause the surface wear and tear, and even change its internal physical properties, thereby speeding up the deterioration of food speed. Therefore the package design should be attractive as the purchase decision is made looking at the product online. Keeping in mind ecommerce packaging constraints, we recommended replacing the plastic tub with a corrugated box.

Given a fairly simple package policy, distributed through good communication within your company and to other links in your supply chain, a large part of these problems can be prevented relatively easily.

Developed countries have been aware of the seriousness of the problem of packaging for environmental pollution since s. Do you want to know how we do this, please contact us. It seriously affected the sustainable development of resources and environment. How to improve?

packaging challenges for 2018

Enter Bizongo, and this has been replaced with foldable crates which can be returned to the manufacturer and reused while transporting further consignments. In order to achieve cost-effective shipping, the order size should be big enough.

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Solving 4 Commonly Faced Challenges in the Packaging Industry