The role of the zip code system

Zip code — what do digits represent? Faces of a city block and their extension into its interior. Postal codes are also used by insurance agencies to analyze geographic factors in risk called redlining.

In other for the postal system to work there has good dissemination of the information for commercial and public use. Many rural counties have similar logistical inconsistencies caused by the aforementioned sparse delivery routes, often known as Rural Routes or by some other similar designation.

What are the last four digits of my zip code

I am hoping this note will cultivate to interest in the issue because I believe and over benefits out way the huge cost of successfully implementing this system throughout Nigeria. This annex was created to help further specify addresses, but according to Business Insider, the creation of sorting and location technologies removed the need for the additional four numbers. This data can be provided commercially to businesses to provide statistic data about customers in your regions like age group, sex or language. Marketing Postal codes are essential for direct marketing campaigns. Preferred place names are generally the city or town in which the address is located. The final numbers further specified the location of the delivery area. Creating the ZIP Code System The USPS developed major mail processing centers on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas to avoid the transportation problems and delays of transporting mail directly to the center of cities. The final two digits signify the local post office of the address. By the s, the volume of mail and population had dramatically increased as a vast majority of the nation's mail was no longer personal correspondence but business mail such as bills, magazines, and advertisements. Sometimes codes are assigned to individual addresses or to institutions that receive large volumes of mail, e. The previously mentioned Englewood, Colorado is an inner-ring suburb that was built out by the s. Alphanumeric means it consists of numbers and letters. All letters and parcels with the same first three digits go to the same sec center. Codes defined independently from administrative areas[ edit ] The first two digits of the postal codes in Germany define areas independently of administrative regions. For example, Bethesda became , while the Maryland portion of Takoma Park became

Zip codes are actually a much more recent phenomenon than you might believe. Posted By Emeka Echeruo I found one of the most significant developments in commerce in modern society that started in the 20th century has been the postal code system.

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Furthermore, the codes are only the codes for the department in charge of delivery of the post, so it can be that a location in one department has a postal code starting with the number of a neighbouring department.

ZIP Codes are regularly used on the Internet to provide a location in situations where an exact address is not necessary or desirable but the user's municipality or general location is needed.

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Importance of postal codes in the Nigerian System