The various reasons why the use of renewable energy can benefit our society

These very countries have responded to the threat by stepping up campaigns to embrace renewable forms of energy like solar and wind. A relatively small fraction of US electricity currently comes from these sources, but that could change: studies have repeatedly shown that renewable energy can provide a significant share of future electricity needs, even after accounting for potential constraints [ 9 ].

Solar Powering America Resources Solar Powering Americaoffers a resource list of federal government solar power resources for state and local governments. What Do You Mean?

why should we use renewable energy

As shown in this chart, renewable energies tend to have much lower emissions than other sources, such as natural gas or coal. Acid rains can cause damage to buildings.

disadvantages of renewable energy

The aim is to try to keep it to 1. In the emerging new energy world, renewable energy production is characterized by distributed power generation and smaller-scale projects with typically much shorter planning horizons, which allows for quicker responses to growing energy demands in many countries.

Second, the combination with fixed Feed-in tariffs for power produced, guaranteed for 20 years, made the return of investment calculable and reliable. Renewable Energies — A Multi-benefit Opportunity Rapid technological innovation and substantial cost reduction, particularly for photovoltaic PV systems and wind power over recent years are opening up new economic, social and ecological opportunities.

economic benefits of renewable energy

These gases act like a blanket, trapping heat.

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Social Benefits of Renewable Energies