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Outline view Outline View is very useful for viewing the structure of your document, or for restructuring it. Find the Endnote Reference style in the list and click the drop down arrow beside it and choose Modify.

Click the Options button to specify other styles to use to create the auto TOC and the hierarchical level appearance they will take, or to remove styles from the TOC.

Click Advanced from the list on the left, then scroll down to the section, Show document content.

How to make table of contents in word 2007

You may wish to have your captions centered, particularly if your tables and figures are centered on the page. Cross references A cross-reference is a referral from one location in a document to a component elsewhere in the document. Put at "1" beside the Prelim Headings style and click on the OK button. We want to put another footnote, in Jack and Jill, after the word crown. Now click on the References tab and, in the Captions section click on Cross-reference: In the Reference type: drop down list, choose Bookmark. To create the Table of Contents, you Set the insertion point at the beginning of the document, where the TOC should appear Click on the References tab Choose an item from the Table of Contents drop down button on the far left of the ribbon. In the Home tab, click Replace on the far right in the Editing section. Click after the title, Table of Contents and press Enter to go to a new line. If you choose to do it this way, when you generate your list of Tables and Figures you would need to generate the list of table and figures in the appendices separately by choosing these other labels at the time of creating your lists of tables and figures. The footnote number will be presented, and you can type your footnote. They do not print. Now return to the main document by double clicking the footnote number. Note that that causes the Position to be set to Below selected item. Click Insert.

Click on the heading "Twinkle Twinkle From this drop down menu, you can choose Footnote Separator. Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3. Click on the Options link.

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The Table of Contents is inserted into your document. If you had multiple bookmarks, you could then choose the one you wanted to go to from the drop down list near the top right under Enter bookmark name:. Cross references can be made to tables, figures, footnotes, headings, page numbers, bookmarks, etc. Choose Level 1 from the Show Level drop down menu to view only level 1 headings. All of your Endnote Reference numbers should now have square brackets around them. Select fiddle. Click your mouse immediately after the word fiddle and click on the References tab and then the Insert Footnote button. Now return to the main document by double clicking the footnote number.

If you wish to generate a list for both, do one first and then the other. Click on the View tab and then click the Print Layout button on the left side of the ribbon.

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