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These flashes of courage come during turbulent times of the story, and often led to success. They had intended to spend their summer uncovering the mystery of Boo Arthur Radley; the towns monster.

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Throughout the book, Scout questions whether to be polite and refined or to run around with the boys Jem and Scout were just like that. Prejudice is a common theme throughout the whole novel, and this affects how society was viewed in this time of history. In the plotline, a girl named Scout watches how her attorney-father tries to defend a black man against the prejudice of her hometown of Maycomb, Alabama.

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The novel, set in Maycomb, Alabama demonstrates the racial prejudice and discrimination in the southern states of America in s. She goes far to show the logic behind how things are, and exposes how they ought to be.

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All her characters who are educated are also decent and treat others well, such as Scout, Atticus and Miss Maudie. In the middle of it, all are innocents like Tom and Boo. She set the story during this time because it was a time of social turbulence , and a time when Americans began to start thinking about more modern social issues This is highlighted when he takes pity on Mayella Ewell, a young white girl in the lower social class. The novel tackles the issues or rape and racism, but she filled it with warmth and humor as well. Author: Gene Jeremiah. He also challenges racial prejudice and class discrimination in order to maintain personal integrity and a sense of morality. Another major example of prejudice in is the court case of Tom Robinson. They also see what adults do not about the loneliness and rejection people like Boo, Dolpus and Tom experience. It excludes people from society, stands in the way of justice, and prevents friendships. The jury should not laugh at the prisoner because it is only a matter of time before roles can be switched. There was a long jagged scar that ran across his face; what teeth he had were yellow and rotten; his eyes popped, and he drooled most of the time.

The novel is very effective in not only revealing prejudice, but in examining the nature of prejudice, how it works, and its consequences Instead of trying to understand him, they create rumors about what he does and his family history.

All her characters who are educated are also decent and treat others well, such as Scout, Atticus and Miss Maudie. Atticus Finch displayed courage on numerous occasions. In this community, economic hardship plays a great part.

Scout on the other hand, seems to be the one maturing the most.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Theme Analysis/Essay