Who is your musical hero essay

Warner has actually led the industry with a policy of signing bands to so-called dealsin which artists give the label a cut of everything they sell, be it ringtones, merchandise, or concert tickets.

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This is not a person checking the top 10 list for her lateest release. And I will try not to laugh too hard, who knows really what time will tell. I was -not- saying that all artists are producing music with the intent of selling it.

You can read it in the liner notes. Lyolya Svidrigajlova comments: The word 'commercial' itself predefines not exactly the style of music itself; it predefines the goals that are to be achieved with a specific album by a specific band or artist.

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She is so anal that she spends most of her time talking about the archeology of music and finding the perfect notation for her reinterpreting of Bach's music.

Marilyn Manson may be a thug, but he sure ain't talentless.

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No, the correct view towards the problem would be to admit that commercialism and creativity always tend to live near each other.

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who is your musical hero essay