Why your child should consider wrestling essay

They stay up late on each and every Monday night to watch the muscular grapplers. Suddenly the crowd erupts as a man comes strutting down to the squared circle.

Why your child should consider wrestling essay

Wrestling in Greece was a big sport; it was the biggest event in the Olympic Games. About 75 per cent of the WWE audience who takes time to view such TV shows is 19 years old and older. These scripts, which are formed by direct observation, are learned and represented as a guideline for future ways of behavior.

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Leng et al in a literature review from their article their article pg 45 explain profession wrestling as more of a source of entertainment than a sport where there is a portrayal and dramatization of good versus evil. And yet, wrestling is a team sport in a sense. No one else can wrestle for them but themselves. At the moment, the existing researches and studies are not enough to see the entire picture of what really happens with young representatives of the American society while and after watching pro wrestling. But in this case, not the theatre of the ancients, but the Middle English pageant presents the locus for discussing the sport of presentation, or, if you prefer, the performance of the sport Being able to defend yourself, any time, anywhere, is a tremendous side benefit a wrestler develops. World Wrestling Entertainment is a leading company in media industry, which is recognized all over the world. Wrestling is a worldwide sport and literally has thousands of styles or types. Wrestling teaches toughness. It needs to stop aggressively marketing the professional wrestling television shows and merchandising to children, teenagers, and youth. They idolize their favorite superstars and despise their most hated.

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We continued to watch it throughout middle school and early high school.

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Pro Wrestling Essay