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Here are some brainstorm questions you should think about before writing: Why would you excel in an academic setting with this person? Explain the personal significance of the individual you chose.

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Just reading this question is a little anxiety inducing for us, and we imagine it is for students, too. Garfield, composer Stephen Sondheim, and photographer Walker Evans.

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The cultural way of approaching the prompt is choosing an aspect of your culture and then portraying how that affected you, and why that brings a new idea or perspective to a group conversation. Example: My mom and I always go candle shopping. Say your parents immigrated from Korea, and your Korean identity makes a large portion of who you are. So, you're applying to Williams -- great choice! This prompt is giving you an opportunity to do exactly that. When he has a bias, he openly admits it, and he's not afraid to be unsure of something. Culture, interests, and unique talents are all different perspectives with which you can approach the prompt. How are you working on it? The early decision deadline for Williams is on November 15th, and the regular decision deadline is on January 1st. Why was it fond? These three obviously overlap with each other, as perspectives and interests often come out of background, but think about each of these three aspects and unearth the most compelling parts of yourself that you think makes you unique.

This story should make them want to hang out with you. Of anyone in the world, whom would you choose to be your partner in the class, and why?

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Before we begin, a critique of this question!! The college has only two graduate programs History of Art and Development Economicsso the school almost exclusively focuses on undergraduate education, boasting a student to faculty ratio of What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

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Maybe this is simply being a more community-focused human being on campus, or maybe this could mean creating a campus organization that reflects what you learned, or maybe this means coming into Williams a more open-minded person.

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How to Write the Williams College Essays